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At Mecca in the South, you can use our:

Resource center

Our resource center is complete with a computer lab, instructors and career resources. Use our available assets for research, job applications and job-related social media.

Educational instruction

We provide continuing education on entrepreneurship, music, cultural history, mathematics, computer skills and job search/interview skills.

Event center

Our event center serves as the perfect host for job fairs, community meetings, business commerce meetings, youth meetings, support groups, fundraisers and more.

We also have a bakery and restaurant on site.

Empowering the youth of today

Let Mecca in the South in Birmingham, Alabama be your resource for job growth and personal development. Our non-profit helps youth, families and college grads, providing them with the tools they need for life in the real world, including work and management skills. Our owner has a degree in computer business administration and 36 years in related work, including experience in the restaurant and hotel industry, in management, customer service and controller and auditing fields.

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